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Dr. Tanya Brown, Dental Consultant

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What do you want for your practice?

Practice ownership – it’s not for the faint of heart. Dr. Tanya Brown understands the struggles you face and has walked miles in your shoes. She can help you breakthrough the obstacles that are holding you back.

You can have what you’ve always wanted.

Improved Team Efficiency

With over 26 years’ experience of working in every aspect of a dental office, Dr. Tanya Brown knows what is possible in every position. She has built a Rock-Star Team in her own practice, has helped her clients do the same. She can help you build your ideal team too.

Enhanced Patient Care

The most successful practices today tend to be the ones which are most patient-centric.

Dr. Tanya Brown can help you determine how your team can improve your patient experience to boost engagement and loyalty, gain more positive reviews, and increase case acceptance.

Increased Productivity and Profitability

You have likely heard it said before: If you want to get ahead, work smarter, not harder.

Dr. Tanya Brown will work directly with you and your entire team to improve communication and teamwork for increased productivity- WITHOUT WORKING MORE HOURS!

She will help you implement strategic scheduling which can boost your profitability!

More Fun

Fun is an often-overlooked part of a dental practice, yet is vitally important. Neither team members nor patients want to spend time in an unpleasant or overly-somber atmosphere. By embracing fun as part of your daily routine, you will boost morale, improve patient experience, increase loyalty for both patients and team members, and avoid the pitfalls of a dreary workplace with high turnover.

With Dr. Tanya Brown, consulting isn’t as scary as you think.
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