Make 2018 Your BEST Year Ever!

 3 Surefire Ways To Make 2018 Your BEST Year Ever

By Tanya A. Brown, DMD, FAGD

Every day there are countless opportunities to enhance our patient care, create more efficiency, increase our production, and improve team morale. If you are one of those people, like me who enjoys setting goals and celebrating when you reach them; then you will love these 3 surefire ways to make 2018 your BEST year ever!

Make 2018 Your BEST Year Ever!
  1. Get the RIGHT People in the “RIGHT SEATS” on your bus!

It takes every person in their specific roles to create exceptional experiences for our patients on a daily basis. When your team truly works together, you can accomplish anything, including having your ideal practice. Working together as a team is critical to exceptional patient care and a healthy practice that has FUN together!

  1. Do everything possible to “Make it EASY for Patients to Say YES”

Look around- what “barriers” do you have inherently in your practice, people, or processes that prevent your patients from getting the care they want, need, and deserve? What do you need to START DOING or STOP DOING in 2018? Honestly ASK yourself these questions and discuss as a team. Brainstorm together- I’m sure you can create a list of several ideas that will help make 2018 your BEST Year ever!

  1. Focus on Positive Results

Set goals for yourself personally and professionally. Focus on making steps towards those goals every day and every week. There can be so many distractions in the form of “good things”. When the distractions take your eye off the “prize”, then it’s time to refocus on your mission and goals. Go for it!


In all dental practices, there will be times of stress and struggles, the strong teams will not only survive, but also actually thrive. By taking an honest inventory of your practice, you can make 2018 your BEST year ever. Please send me your success stories so that I can celebrate with you!


Dr. Tanya Brown


Dr. Tanya Brown founded and actively practices at The Center for Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry in Chesapeake, Virginia. She works with dentists & dental teams who want to “Connect the Dots” and help their patients say “YES”! Contact Tanya for a COMPLIMENTARY copy of her New Patient Call Form. She can be reached at  or 757-285-2833.