Make your Team Meetings ROCK!

Have you ever felt that you are the only one who really knows what is going on? Or that the front office has no idea what is happening in the clinical area or vice-versa? That you are the only one who can do something right? Or that everyone is on a different “page”?

These are symptoms of a disconnected team. A team where processes have broken down or non-existent, a team where resentments are huge and communication is tiny, a team where the goal of the day is to “just get through the day”. This creates a downward spiral where the more the frustration grows, the less communication occurs, and the less communication occurs, the more the frustration grows.

I talked to a team member the other day who said she just gave up & went home crying because things were so crazy at her office! That is NOT good for anyone- her, the patients, the rest of the team, or the practice.

The magic wand?
Rock Star Team Meetings
Monthly TEAM MEETINGS are the place where we reconnect on our purpose, we set and review goals, and we work out our strategies. Some of my team meetings are held during our lunch break, and others are a half day offsite meeting blended with a fun bonding activity.

Try this 5 question agenda:

What is working well?
This helps you intentionally build upon success & starts everyone on the right foot.

Where are we?
This allows you to measure your progress against your goals, and to check your road map.

What are we learning?
Identify areas that you may be lagging on your goals, and then schedule training on the areas that need work.

How can we?
Always make time for a group brainstorming session on how you can improve processes. I have learned that the best answers come from the team, not the boss!

Where’s the fun?
Have your meeting in a park, conduct a contest, play with playdough… patients are attracted to happy teams! Get your creative juices flowing!

Break the downward spiral by starting with a one-month commitment.
Commit to a daily morning huddle for 30 days followed by a team meeting next month. I guarantee you that your communication will improve, processes will be more effective, and you will be on your way to working with a joyful spirit!

Please email me at about your successes or any creative team meeting ideas that have worked well in your office!