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Meet Dr. Tanya Brown

  • Are you tired of the workplace treadmill?
  • Are you frustrated with dental insurance “write-offs”?
  • Have you worried about the security of your future?
  • Do you want a better work-life balance?
  • Have you tried implementing systems before, only to go back to old habits?
  • Is dental practice ownership becoming overwhelming?
  • Do you have “no idea” where to start?
  • Have you stressed yourself about how much these challenges are “costing you?"

THE GOOD NEWS: Dr. Tanya Brown has worked with countless other dentists just like you! She can help you make a difference by “Connecting the Dots” in your practice, with your team, and for the life you’ve always wanted!

Connect the Dots?

Dr. Tanya Brown uses her “Connect the Dots” model to address challenges in your dental practice. She is known as dentistry’s expert for effectively taking complex issues, breaking them into manageable pieces, and providing simple, easy to implement systems for improvement.

Like a child’s “dot-to-dot” puzzle reveals a picture, when you Connect the Dots with Dr. Tanya Brown, you will find that your “masterpiece” practice is closer than you think.

Destination: Success

When you Connect the Dots with Dr. Tanya Brown, you, your team, your patients, and your practice will all experience valuable, measurable benefits.

  • Improve teamwork, communication, and performance with your team
  • Enhance every patient’s experience for high patient loyalty
  • Increase your case acceptance & help patients say “YES”
  • Attract more New Patients & get more referrals from your patients
  • Boost profitability through effective systems that work
  • Implement strategic scheduling for high productivity and efficiency

The difference between Ordinary and Extraordinary is YOU & Dr. Tanya Brown.

Contact us today and Connect the Dots to success!

Dr. Tanya Brown Walks the Talk

As an owner dentist who started a practice from scratch and maintains a thriving Fee-for-Service practice, Dr. Tanya Brown understands the complex challenges you face.

She has proven strategies and systems that have allowed her to build a happy, high-performing team, create a loyal patient base, and successfully transition to a fee-for-service business model in an “insurance-driven” area.
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Connect the dots in your practice.

Connect with Tanya